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My Work 's News updated :
01/5/09 Tommy x Bro5 - Who's Dope MV
11/1/09 Bro5- 亂世起舞 (Featuring MC Ghost Style) MV
ah Bob the second MV國語版: "我就是這樣的"獲第19屆台灣金曲獎最佳MV導演提名/
1/10/2007 I Was Angry, 97 (九七我好嬲), screen in Broadway Cinematheque at 22 July (Wed) 7:40pm
30/5/2006 Our Years of Animation, my 4 works screen in Broadway Cinematheque at 23 June (Fri) 7:40pm
30/5/2006 Showreel Updated!!!
14/3/2006 Release: "My Good Time" mv.EVERYWHERE.dvd, 2006年3月登場於各大影音店舖有售
1/1/06 Release:
I-City DVD released, please check any DVD Shops. (I am Fine Included with 8 animation works)
21/6/05 Screening: I am Fine我好好 in Boardway Cinematheque
10/3/05 Screening: I am Fine我好好 in I-City Festival, IFVA and HKIFF
08/12/04 Live Visual: MUT-A-TECH TEOH CD Launch Party at 28-9-2004
01/09/04 My Dear Flower 心花怒放 :
selected work in 斧山國際電影節
9th Pusan International Film Festival

01/07/04 My Dear Flower 心花怒放 :
Honorable Mention Award, in
Berliner-Medien Festival 2004

03/03/04 My Dear Flower 心花怒放 in
HK International Film Festival 2004
06/02/04 My Dear Flower 心花怒放 :
Gold Award, in Animation Category
It will be screening at 7/2/2004 in Space Museum and 19/2/2004 in
Art Centre, for IFVA 2004.

16/10/03 My Dear Flower 心花怒放 :
It is norminated by 2nd International Students Film & Video Festival, Beijing Film Academy and get Jury Recommendation Award in The South Taiwan Film & Video Festival
...check it out

9/10/03 New Video Work :
The Middle of Two Sides nominated
by BackUp_festival Weimar, Germany...check it out
22/5 to 30/5, come to take a look !!!
9/4/03 Animation and Video:
Polyu Danso Annual Performance Opening Music Video...check it out

18/3/03 Animation and Video:
A BRIEF MOMENT and A LOST FARMER's SAY nominated in the 6th Cross-Strait Hong Kong and Macau Student Film and Video Festival
5/3/03 Illustrations:
my "MUSIC MACHINE" get Honorable Mention Award (Advance Class) in the IMAG Media Art Competition 2002

28/2/03 Animation and Video:
"ITCHY LOVE" show in 21th San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival, MARCH 6-16

4/10/02 Animation and Video :
"ITCHY LOVE" was selected by BackUp Film Festival in Germany, and show in RTHK Creative Platform and selected by Microwave International Media Art Festival
; "A BRIEF MOMENT" was also selected by Microwave International Media Art Festival
31 /8/02 Photos and news :
Berlin Life : foto und Leben updated
19/7/02 Photos and news :
Berlin Life : foto und Leben
21/6/202 group project :
design project for WuZhen烏鎮

post in school project area
6/6/2002 graphic work :
illustration for STORE Magazine

post in graphics area
5/6/2002 freelance work :
創意平台 RTHK Programme
post in freelance area

23/5/2002 latest work :
種桔者言A Lost Farmer Say
post in
video area
30/4/2002 video work :
掛失HANG The LOST (Trailer)
posted in video area

20/4/2002 Illustration for 一本便利
Easyfinder Magazine
"A Brief Moment" screening in Videotage at 18/4/2002 check video
9/4/2002 My Interview in 一本便利 Easyfinder Magazine UPost
check news

30/4/2002 DANSO AP 2002 MV
posted in video area

My News: 23/4/09 Interviewed by TVB Program
10/11/07 Cable TV
Interview: 拉近文化
9/2007 Ports 1961 Party, VJ Performance
8/2007 Siemens Showroom Grand Opening, VJ Performance

vj at Mecedes-Benz C-Class Launch Party
vj at Hong Kong Electronic Music Festival 2005
at 1 Oct and 2 Oct, come to support!!!
Vj-ing in Sinosphere at 24-3-2005, come to support!!!

12/2/2005 to 17/2/2005
Invited Talent, Talent Campus, 55rd Berlin International Film Festival, Germany.

8/2/2005 I do vj-ing@Sense 2nd Anniversary CNY EVE
I was interviewed by Milk Magazine, check out...
31/3/2004 My Home's Wall interviewed by JET Magazine
I was Interviewed by SCMP, check out...
6/2/2004 to 12/2/2004
Invited Talent, Talent Campus, 54rd Berlin International Film Festival, Germany.
1/2/2004 VJ-ing in Valentiens Party, DJ Core Fuijnam at 14 Feb 2004, in
Queen's Club. come to have fun!!! check out...
23/12/2003 Pre Christmas Eve Home Party Photos. thanks you all come and support!!! thank you !!! check out the photos... and check out this issue of EAST WEEK MAGAZINE, my home was interviewed, just take a look!!!
Vj-ing photos in Microwave Festival, Beat & Bits Party 2003. Check it...
Swimming Photos Gallery is ON now. Check it
27/1/2003 IN THE LOVE FOR FILM, A LOST FARMER'S SAY and A BRIEF MOMENT selected by IFVA 2003, it will be screening in Art Centre.
25/1/2003 ITCHY LOVE got MY FAVOURITE AWARD by Ellen Pau and May Fong; A LOST FARMER' SAY got MY FAVOURITE AWARD by Wing Shya in Joint University Multimedia Exhibition React. Posted in Apple Daily Newspaper
7/12/2002 I was interviewed by RTHK TV Program: Creative Platform 創意平台 at 7/12/2002 with Stephenie and Bong of our video work, A Lost Farmer's Say. Check it out...
I was interviewed by Apple Daily Newspaper with my work: ITCHY LOVE. Check it out......
14/11/2002 I back from Bauhaus-University, Weimar, Germany for the Backup New Media Festival 2002. Wemar is a good place for relaxation...
I was interviewed by RTHK Creative Platform again with Stephenie and Bong for "A LOST FARMER 'S SAY" screening on TV on 7/12/2002 saturday mid-night at 2:50am on TVB, 2:45am on ATV..
15/10/2002 I was interviewed by RTHK TV Program: Creative Platform 創意平台 at 19/10/2002, saturday mid-Night at 2:55am on TVB and 2:45 on ATV, RTHK TV program.

4/10/2002 I was interviewed by RTHK TV Program: Creative Platform 創意平台 at 19/10/2002, with my animation work : "ITCHY LOVE". The exact showing time have to be confrim, it is show around at Sunday 2am around on TVB and ATV, it means Saturday late night.
I back to HongKong already from Germany.

21/7/2002 I upload the photos everyday in Berlin Life : foto und Leben, please check it out. Click here to check...
19/7/2002 My Berlin Life : foto und Leben (photos and life) uploaded, please check it out and I will upload more later. now I live in Berlin for 3 weeks already. still have 5 weeks to go...
14/7/2002 Love Parade is great in my eyes. i saw some girl nude and making-love act with two man. One man kissing her breast, one is kissing her sister.... And also have a man nude too. Love parade is too crowd which is not so fun. BUT at night, there have many real parties. i went one of them, there have above 8000 people. The music is very good, techno is german music. That is true in my mind. I live with a good host in Berlin. He play his music everyday. But it is bit noise when i sleep at 9 pm. You check my website later, I show you the photos in berlin.

27/6/2002 I have to go to Berlin GERMANY to study german for two months. I will back at 1/9/2002. This trip is mainly open for artists or art and design related people to visit the germany and art. The German course just for you to have something to do at the morning. Then at the afternoon, you are free like visiting art, meet artists and Documenta, even go Love Parade...This trip is free include all basic things like air ticket, accomodation, foods ...etc by the Goethe Institut Scholraship. If you all want to know about the scholarship, I can share to you, you also can get it.

19/6/2002 烏鎮 WuZhen Trip
I back from ShangHai and we created a stylist project for this trip. We went to ShangHai, WuShun where is a "water village". There is very nice place and many funny stuffs we found. Because in our group do not have Shanghai Students, So, our group name is call HKfive. Check it : WuZhen Design Project



XianTrip by Mdes2006

BALI Sunshine&Beach

BOAT Trip 20/6/2004

GUAM 2 Sun&Beach

GUAM Sunshine&Beach


Basketball Play


Vj-ing in MicrowaveFest
Swimming 2003
Berlin Life

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