it is talking about that HUMAN lives in the crowded and busy city, which giving us stress and forcing us to walk faster.
it is the first time that i use Flash to made my work. i just know how to use go and play action, all is the very basic skill in Flash.

it is a workshop held in Nagoya, JAPAN. this is a group presentation in this workshop,
my group have two Japanese , one Austrian , one come from Greek and me from Hong Kong.

it is a group project, we play with the computer interface.
we presenting the travelling in our life, we suggesting what should you do when you walk...

: Film and Fashion, a weelky exercise, we work as a group.

exercise 1
exercise 2

Opening Video : I made it for my school.
SCHOOL PROJECTS 校內作 (1998 - 2003)
exercise 3
exercise 4
exercise 5
summer 2002
We go to ShangHai : WuZhen for two weeks. We try to discover the new things and improve it in order to increase the tourists.
烏鎮 Design Report